Bedrock Prospectors Club

Fun For The Whole Family.

Bedrock in Action

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What is Bedrock Prospectors Club?

We are fun for the whole family. With Saturday Night Potlucks, campfires, games and getting out in the fresh air and clean water streams. Away from TV, Phones and Game systems.
We are a club that advocates education and our heritage in prospecting. Helping in the creating and protecting of our mining laws. Learning how we prospect today and how that differs from the past. Getting together with people that all have similar interests. Making new friends and enjoying a fun and exciting time

Why Join Bedrock Prospectors?

Did you know that you need a pamphlet from the state to prospect? It is the Washington State Gold and Fish Pamphlet. If you do not know how to prospect, you need experienced people to teach you where, how and what to look for.
Teaching you the laws and how to use them. Yes, we have rules and seasons! For those who know how and when to prospect, we have several claims that you can work on.

When or How Can You Join Bedrock Prospectors?

Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. Call on of our board members, check us out online, or see us on the claims or around town.
You will find we love talking about our prospecting and showing off our gold and equipment. You will find all of our information on our website to get started, so why wait?